Do you ever notice how nice weather can completely change your mood and plans for the day / week / month? That’s exactly what happened to me in spring, I decided that Style Division needed a long overdue facelift which is slowly starting to come together.

I also ended up travelling all over the country visiting Leeds, Boston, Liverpool, Dublin and of course an unforgettable 5 day excursion to Northern Italy. Part 1 of my Italy trip is already online but that was just a tease, plenty more to come.


Male Stylist, Twenty First Century Gent, Liam Pitts and I ventured to Savile Row last month to grab some lookbook shots around this famous little location. Check out the full post HERE and let me know which outfit was your personal favourite.
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After a few months away I had to return to Leeds, the place that pretty much started it all. This time I came back with a camera and a fresh eye for detail so I was almost a tourist in my own town, felt a little strange to say the least. To check out my architecture and street style shots make sure to visit HERE.
Krissy D of Interlaced has been a busy girl. Last we saw her on Style Division she was donning the Oculus rift and exploring the future of fashion with Inition and Westfield. Now onto bigger things the first Interlaced event is planned to happen on the 3rd of September and if fashion and technology interests you this is not one to miss. More information on and the links in the footer of the site.
One of the highlights of my trip to Italy was the historical city of Venice. Shrouded in history it was like stepping into an Assassins Creed game. The full posts from Italy will be online next week.


1 – Word Notebooks

2 – Floral Shirts from East Dane

3 – Wooden Sunglasses from Woodmy London


1 – JonTheGold ​Takes the WEfashion ​Challenge

2 – Inside Givenchy’s new menswear pied-à-terre in Paris

3 – Carl Thompson ‘Colour Matching Orange / Navy’

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