I don’t know how many of you have this problem but my laptop is filled with multiple gigabytes worth of photos that never see the light of day. Although each post is carefully curated there are hundreds of snaps that simply don’t work and unfortunately have to be binned however pretty I found them at the time. This is one of those posts that doesn’t really have a theme but serves as a much needed brain dump for my insatiable visual diet.

Style Division Explores: London

london architeture discover vsco london architeture discover vsco

fujifilm explore london xe1 vscocam blogger

The pure diversity of architecture in London continues to stagger. It’s almost like you’re walking through a living museum as each area has it’s own distinct look and feel. From the tall, glassy skyscrapers in Bank to the concrete mazes around Southwark there’s something here for everyones tastes. I feel like my next step should be to capture London at night as the city transforms when the sun goes down and you can see the buildings in a completely different light (if you excuse the pun).

bank buildings london glass shard at dusk vscocam tower bridge dusk london vscocam


sunset over london building silhouettes

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