Mirrorcube style Treehotel Sweden

Scandinavian design already comes with a reputation for being modern, daring and let’s face it, a little bit whacky. Found in Harads, about 50 kilometres outside of the city of Lulea in northern Sweden, Treehotel is a one of a kind sustainable hotel that’s composed of five individually designed ‘treerooms’. Each room was designed and created in collaboration with leading Scandinavian architects to produce hotel rooms such as ‘The Bird’s Nest’ (which, as you can guess is just a giant bird’s nest), ‘The UFO’ and ‘The Cabin’.

Adjacent to the river Luleis is the stunning ‘Mirrorcube’ which creates a 360 degree vision of the forest and the surrounding areas. Designed by Tham & Videgard architects and measuring 4x4x4 metres the cube is covered in mirrors that reflect it’s surroundings and conceal the space within. The cube is almost unnoticeable from certain angles which is aesthetically pleasing but has caused birds to fly directly into it which is not something you want from a sustainable hotel development. Their solution has been simple yet genius, the walls were covered in infrared film which is invisible to humans but highly visible to birds.

The interior is also something that received a lot of attention as it contains a large bed, bathroom, lounge, rooftop terrace and six bedrooms from which to admire the view. Beyond the walls, guests can retreat to nearby Britta’s Guesthouse to dine in an authentic 1930s-1950s setting with local delicacies from caviar of calix to reindeer, all freshly prepared to order by the owners of Treehotel.

Mirrorcube Treehotel Information

Website: http://treehotel.se

Treehotel/Brittas Pensionat
Edeforsväg 2 A
960 24 Harads

Phone: +46 (0)928-104 03

E-mail: [email protected]

Mirrorcube Treehotel Sweden

Mirrorcube Treehotel Sweden

Mirrorcube Treehotel Sweden Tham & Videgard

Mirrorcube Treehotel Sweden