style handmade terrariums

Here’s a little something I came accross today that really struck a chord. These beautiful handmade geometric terrariums are made designed by a company in Cape Town, South Africa called Cinderwood. They come with a kit that includes pebbles and activated charcoal (but can be filled with other decorative details such as rocks, branches or pieces of wood) and would really add a touch of nature to any room in your house.

Originally terrariums came from a period when plant hunters transported living specimens thousands of miles home. They provided a self-sustaining ecosystem in which moisture created by the plants collected on the inside surfaces of the glass and dripped down to replenish them. Terrariums were originally known as Wardian cases (named after their inventor Dr Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward) became a way for wealthy Victorians to display plants indoors, especially in cities where pollution made gardening difficult.

Although originally popular in the 70’s and 80’s (remember the huge palm trees!) indoor botanics have slowly trailed off but I think geometric terrariums are a unique way to take care of plants and with an abundance of great designs availalble one of these should definitely be on your next wishlist.