Whether you love it or hate it, fashion is here to stay. The enormous impact that fashion has on today’s culture and daily life is obvious everywhere you turn. From the television show Project Runaway – a stand-off between designers and America’s Next Top Model – a competition where eager young girls prove that they are THE supermodel to the various fashion magazines on the news-stands, it appears that we cannot get enough. The business of fashion is ever-growing, influencing and changing the way we think, look and act.

Fashion plays an important role in our everyday lives, without us even realising it. Fashion influences our point of view towards various styles, trends, and our everyday lifestyle. With time, we have become quite meticulous with items we put on ourselves every day although very few of us know that fashion is the armour to live on the reality of everyday life. Spending time putting together that perfect outfit for any type of occasion is an escape loved by many.


The monochromatic clothing have returned back in the recent years, with the neon colours replaced by black, various shades of grey and charcoal. Some of the recent clothing trends are lace dresses, blazers, tuxedo jackets, oversized coats, crop tops, pencil skirts and more.


Shoes that people wear really go a long way towards telling you who they are, what they do with their life and what they love, especially for women. It is no secret that women are mad about shoes and a perfect heel can lead out the door and, a slash of red in the perfect shade, can get you through a dreaded day. Most of us also pay extra care to the hairstyle we choose as it is an important aspect of our aesthetic appeal. It is believed that choosing the right hairstyles has the positive effect of improving your looks and boosting your confidence. The perfect hairstyle is vital for many as it is a person’s crowning glory that has an impact on a person’s visual.


The fashion influence doesn’t stop to clothing, shoes and hairstyle, but it is also found at online destinations such as Bingo Extra. This online bingo site has chosen the most glamourous period in time – 1950s where fashion became an important part of culture. This was the era of full skirt and the tight sheath skirt, fancy collars, full-skirted dresses, halter tops, shirtwaist dresses, Coatdress, Hostess dress, Sheath dress, Wiggle dress, Bell dress, Jumper dress, Chemise dress, Trapeze dress and more. You will find the much-loved pastel colours at every turn on the website, where it has been meticulously chosen.


The popular style is also centred on people’s life as well as on culture, the way they live and the way people travel. Along with the style of the dress, the colours have as well played a big role in fashion!