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Audio Inspiration Collection 08 (October 2015 Playlist)

I have been listening to a lot of  future garage recently which is a genre born out of dubstep and softer elements from 2-step garage. In my eyes the pioneer for this type of electronic music has been Burial whose first two albums ‘Burial’ and ‘Untrue’ still hold a special place in my heart and are a rare breed of electronic albums that need to be experienced in full. Preferably in a  dark room.


The Soundcloud playlist is further filled with future garage and downtempo gems from Subsets, Sorrow, and my personal favourite – a mashup of Vybz Kartel and suicideyear that uses two songs that I never thought would go well together.



Out of nowhere the two talented bros from Disclosure have released a follow up to their amazing debut album ‘Settle’, which again is filled with some ridiculous collaborations from Lorde, Sam Smith and even my favourite find of the last few years – The Weeknd.

I decided to change the album at the last minute as over the past few days I’ve literally had nothing else playing over my headphones. ‘Little Figurines’ from Irrelevant was released in 2013 under the Kokeshi label and perfectly epitomises that underground sound that future garage should be about.

Let me know if you’ve discovered a new favourite by leaving a comment below or tweeting @StyleDivision. And here are some links if you wish to keep up to date: