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London I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down

London, it’s over, and it’s not me, it’s you. At what point do we say enough's enough and actually realise we'd rather live in affordable cities? This isn't a 'goodbye' though, this is just a see you later as I'm not done with you yet, not by a long shot. The ...
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My Morning Detox Routine // Journal 76

I refuse to believe the myth that there are productive and unproductive people. Everyone can be productive but it all stems from how you start your day. If you love the snooze button then congratualtions, you have begun your day by putting things off for anoth...
coimbra portugal travel wanderlust

Magical Coimbra, Portugal // Journal 73

Travelling to new places is always about self discovery. Finding out why you view certain things the way you do, breaking misconceptions and realising there is no such thing as 'normal'. What you consider normal may be weird to someone else and by going in wit...
louvre jr perspective

Language of Architecture, Paris

In the mid 19th century, Paris was suffocating in the cramped network of its ancient streets. Until then, the city had expanded by developing its outer districts without any careful consideration. It fell to Georges-Eugène Haussmann, who was appointed Prefect ...
amsterdam at night

Springtime Rain // Journal 87

As you may have noticed from my Rome and Paris posts I love a late night wander. Like a werewolf a city can transform under moonlight and provide the backdrop for an unplanned adventure. Amsterdam was no different. From meeting homeless artists with unique cre...
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Happiness in Dorset // Journal 69

Travel is essential for the well being of your mind and body but don’t go packing that suitcase just yet. Often a simple change of scenery is the only thing that's required so instead of looking for cheap flights abroad, research and see hidden treasures aroun...
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The Dark Side of Rome // Journal 49

Just strolling through Rome left me with an unforgettable experience. When you're surrounded with that much history and culture a little bit of it does rub off on you. When I woke up in my AirBNB apartment on Day 2 I decided to do something different. Most peo...
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What The Hell Is Blockchain? // Journal 67

It's easy to get entrenched in old ideals and stick to the tried and tested but history has shown us time and time again that progress is inevitable. This couldn't be truer with regard to the tech sector as we're seeing huge leaps of innovation in areas rangin...
nelson staircase somerset house

Things To Do In London 10 // Journal 66

My favourite thing about living in London has got be the way it constantly surprises you. Each area is a mini city with a distinct look and feel that’s constantly evolving. My job as a photographer is to capture that fleeting moment in time before the next thi...
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Things To Do In London 9 // Journal 65

There's a famous saying in Eastern Europe that goes "the only thing that’s free is cheese in a mousetrap". Although I understand the sentiment I would have to disagree as some of my most treasured memories didn’t cost a penny. I hope you’ve been enjoying my ‘T...
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Things To Do In London 8 // Photography Journal 64

We keep telling ourselves “So much to do, so little time” but is that really true? There’s only so much one can accomplish before feeling drained or dejected by the possibility of another busy day. Living in a huge city such as London or New York may mean infi...
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Porto, Portugal // Photography Journal 63

Although I was only in Porto for a couple of hours I thought it'd be a waste to spend them at the train station so I grabbed my camera and went for a little wander. The Estádio do Dragão stadium was a most welcome surprise while the local delicacy 'Francesinha...
london cityscape view from the shard st pauls

The Art of Solitude // Journal 62

Famous Manchester born philosopher Karl Pilkington once said "a problem solved is a problem caused". This is further backed up by French scientist Blaise Pascal who in 1654 wrote “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room al...
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Be Somebody // Photography Journal 59

Part of the fun of living in London are the legendary acts that show up at your door on a weekly basis. I've previously covered some of our favourites but my recent trip Village Underground to see Clams Casino was an unforgettable experience. It epitomised eve...

Model Walk // Photography Journal 58

What do you love about your city? If you ponder the question long enough I bet the true answer will surprise you. It's not the expensive restaurants and overpriced cocktails but the people and those priceless experiences. I've talked about my love for the Vict...
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Saint Pablo // Journal 51

Hey guys, just wanted to say thank you to everyone who took the time out of their undoubtedly busy schedule to check out my blog. It honestly means a lot :) I was actually thinking about the concept of time quite a lot recently and I came to the conclusion tha...
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Barbican Brutalism // Journal 68

Brutalist architecture is a movement in architecture that flourished in popularity from the 1950s to the mid-1970s. The term originates from the French word for "raw" as béton brut (raw concrete) is primarily used in the construction. One of the finest example...
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Barcelona, Spain // Photography Journal 53

Lets be honest, the sheer act of traveling is a little bit of a hassle. I can never sit by the pool and just put my feet up for a few days but the unpredictable flight schedules, hotels and taxi troubles makes me understand the people who do. I was over in Rom...