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kristina dimitrova interlaced

New Faces 03 // Journal 61

Reckon I'm going to become a hoarder in my older years as I can't seem to throw anything away. I feel that every photo and screenshot I take needs it's own special folder as it's bound to come in use eventually. What actually happens is that I live perpetually...
jasmine clark model unisgned

New Faces 02 // Journal 47

In my early photography days I played it safe, taking pictures of buildings and landscapes and simply honing my skills. Over the last few months however I picked up a Canon 7D and a Sigma lens to take some interesting pictures during LCM and LFW for Fucking Yo...

5 Fashion Bloggers You Need In Your Life – New Fa...

With London Fashion Week just around the corner I decided to throw together a little post to showcase some bloggers that inspire me every day with their work ethic and creative approach. I emailed each of them individually to see how they got into the blogging...
new york fashion week models backstage

Backstage Faces of New York Fashion Week 2016

I originally saw this article on C-Heads Magazine but thought the images were too perfect not to share on Style Division. I've always had an admiration for backstage shots, especially at fashion shows as capturing that perfect 'imperfect' moment is what for me...






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