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Candela by Felix de Pass, Michael Montgomery and Ian McIntyre

Visual Inspiration Collection 08

The latest collection of art and design pieces I’ve found on the web. One of the best finds is the Ben Sack video below, this dude paints huge canvases of cities by hand and his attention to even the smallest details is astounding. Actually reminds me of…

fiona banner Harrier and Jaguar Tate Britain Duveens

Visual Inspiration Collection 07

Hey guys, the weekend is coming to a close, I’m nursing a mini hangover after learning about Scotch Whiskey yesterday so what better way to feel better about myself than collecting some fine visual inspiration for you all. This post will focus on art and…

Photography Journal

sean mundy style photography

Sean Mundy’s Twisted Reality Photography

Sean Mundy is a 22-year-old photographer from Montreal, Canada who creates images that are simplistic, but rich with meaning. Mundy wants people to see meaning in his pictures where he never intended to be. He is drawing inspiration from simple sources, a single feeling and…