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Men's Fashion


Style Division Inspiration Collection 01 – 2014 Overview

So 2014 was an interesting year to say the least. I finally got the motivation to develop Style Division from a visual blog (which you can still access here) to what it is today. I also made the big move to London which was a relatively scary prospect but it has been paying off dividends in my personal and professional…

anton dvorakovsky davidoff tailor less suit

Tailor4Less Custom Blazer & Davidoff Travel Bag Lookbook

Ever since I got into the blogging game I’ve been dying to get myself a stylish looking blazer. Sure, places on the high street like Zara and Topman provide their own varieties and styles but I feel they’re just a little bit too generic. The ‘cookie cutter’ designs may fetch an affordable price but as with many things in life sometimes…

casely hayford runaways lcm london collections-3

Casely Hayford London Collections Men Autumn Winter 2015

Casely Hayford are a London based father (Joe) and son (Charlie) design duo that started in 2009 with a vision of creating unique London style pieces for an international audience. Their looks fuse sportswear with tailoring and high art with street culture and technology. Having both studied at St. Martins, Joe is the former Creative Director of Gieves & Hawkes while Charlie apprenticed under…

Men's Lifestyle

face mask grooming for men clean oil

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks for Men

So, 2014 is behind us and after the usual under-whelming Christmas family fun and New Year parties it’s time to take a break. Everyone should take a break once in a while and your skin is no different, imagine how much ‘wear and tear’ you put it through everyday not mentioning the fact that everyday things like shaving can have a detrimental…

best musical tracks songs 2014

Top 10 Music Tracks of 2014

I love a good list. I truly believe men love reading and writing lists even if it’s about topics they have very little interest in. Lists present us with information that’s informative and easy to digest (just look at the popularity of Buzzfeed) and also people generally like to rank things against each other as if it gives them any…

Photography Journal

dubai blogger travel

Style Division in Dubai

So a few weeks ago I was lucky to get the opportunity to travel to Dubai through my work and let me tell you that place is an experience. The first thing that hits you is the heat because even though it was November the temperatures were reaching 30C+ and I’m told people from UAE actually go on holiday in the summer…

half penny london photography

Exploring London – Urban Photography Journal 01

As some of you may have guessed by my recent posts I have finally made the big move to the big smoke after 2.5 fun and exciting years up north in Leeds. My new marketing job has me working with some luxury and travel brands so hopefully some of the knowledge I pick up will seep into my future writing….