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bottega veneta tokyo fragrance style

Bottega Veneta Unveils Its First Women’s Perfume

Bottega Veneta marked the global launch of the first women’s fragrance by hosting three unforgettable events on three continents over the span of thirty days. Each evening was unique and specifically designed to reflect the special character of the city where it was held. Bottega Veneta Perfume // New York For its New York celebration, Bottega Veneta hosted a glamorous…

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winstons legacy winter bowtie collection style blog

Winston’s Legacy Fall/Winter 14 Collection

You may remember a few months back the guys over at Winston’s Legacy were kind enough to answer a few questions about their business and also wet our appetites for any upcoming products (LINK). Their latest collection of ties and accessories draws on the wintery undertones of flat and neutral colours which add to the conservative look and range from…

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style blog richard gaston photography

Visual Inspiration Collection 06

Hey guys, the weekend is finally upon us and it’s time for another little roundup of photographers and other visually interesting things I found this week. I will attempt to publish another audio and visual inspiration post this weekend as there are a number of awesome new photographers and musicians that you simply need to have in your life. Enjoy!…

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bottega veneta suite PARK HYATT

Bottega Veneta Luxury Suite at Chicago Park Hyatt Hotel

To the long list of reasons to visit Chicago, which include world-class art, architecture, music, and shopping, add one more: the opportunity to stay in the new Bottega Veneta suite at Park Hyatt Chicago. This is an exclusive collaboration between Bottega Veneta and Park Hyatt Chicago, two companies that value understated luxury, personalized service, and distinctive local character. Park Hyatt…

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fashion trends aw 2014 style expert roundup

Autumn Winter (AW 2014) Fashion Trends // Expert Roundup

Hi guys and have I got a treat for you, since it’s officially the beginning of autumn I asked the style experts behind 4 men’s fashion blogs to describe what they’re going to be wearing in the coming months as well as their views on upcoming fashion trends we all need to watch out for. So without further ado I hand over the…

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Mirrorcube style Treehotel Sweden

The Mirrorcube Treehotel in Sweden

Scandinavian design already comes with a reputation for being modern, daring and let’s face it, a little bit whacky. Found in Harads, about 50 kilometres outside of the city of Lulea in northern Sweden, Treehotel is a one of a kind sustainable hotel that’s composed of five individually designed ‘treerooms’. Each room was designed and created in collaboration with leading…

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greeting cards style fox art design

Chloe Chapman Illustrations

Something fresh for you guys this week, a friend of mine by the name of Chloe does some absolutely gorgeous illustrations and it was only a matter of time until they popped up on Style Division one way or another. By using old Victorian photographs her illustrations exude a somewhat vintage feel and it’s great to see that initial style evolve throughout her projects….

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fashionable french protester

Visual Inspiration Collection 05

Here’s the latest of my Inspiration Collections although I must confess I strayed slightly off topic. I have an annoying habit of collecting (see: hoarding) interesting images I find throughout the week so apologies if this feels a little random. There is some great photography I found on Twitter as well as some historic shots I found quite amazing. If…

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mens sports jacket style

Choosing The Right Sports Jacket This Autumn (Guest Post)

Nestled between the full-on suit jacket and the shorter, unconstructed blazer is the now iconic sports jacket, and it’s the one indispensable piece of clothing that every man should own. A great sports jacket will instantly pull together any look. Pair a grey toned sports jacket with a blue dress shirt, tie, slacks and shoes and you are ready for…

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enrich endure stylish homeware pillow

Irish Linen Homeware from Enrich & Endure

Enrich & Endure is a company that’s run by siblings Lorcan and Sarah who have a huge passion for Irish textiles, and it’s something that really rubs off on their products and collections. They collaborate with experienced local weavers to create natural yarn mixes which they use for handmade products fore your home such as cushions, throws, blankets, napkins and table cloths. Lorcan was kind…

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style music jamie xx

Audio Inspiration Collection 02

Following on from my previous music post (Audio Inspiration 01) I decided to put another little list together. Fair warning, today I will mostly focus on electronic music, so here are some of the songs that have kept me pressing repeat in the last few days. ZHU – Faded A bit of low tempo electronic music for you today guys….

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rear window photography jordi huisman style blog

Rear Window Photography by Jordi Huisman

In 1982 Jordi Huisman was born in Almere, The Netherlands. He studied towards a BSc in engineering and attended the KABK art academy in The Hague to study photography. He is currently living in Amsterdam and has been working as a freelance photographer since 2005. His work ‘Rear Window’ is all about the view from the rear of residential buildings and it…

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leila peterson style paris photo

Visual Inspiration Collection 04

Hey guys, it’s that time again when I realise there isn’t an infinite number of hours in a week and I cannot write about every single awesome photographer or exhibition  I’ve found out about. Let me know what you think of these visual/audio inspiration posts, should I spend more time on them or is the current format working for you?…

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sean mundy style photography

Sean Mundy’s Twisted Reality Photography

Sean Mundy is a 22-year-old photographer from Montreal, Canada who creates images that are simplistic, but rich with meaning. Mundy wants people to see meaning in his pictures where he never intended to be. He is drawing inspiration from simple sources, a single feeling and moments in life or nature. I wish I had more to write about Sean but…

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world travel photo style

Stunning Satellite Photography from Around the World

Here’s something that caught my eye this week, a website called ‘Daily Overview’ has been posting some fascinating images from around planet Earth in an attempt to change the way we see the world around us. The project was inspired by the Overview Effect experience, which is a cognitive shift of perspective and worldview experienced by the astronauts when they get to…

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style music inspiration

Audio Inspiration Collection 01

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I posted about some new music so I thought today would be as good a day as any to correct that. My last music article was a repost of my contribution to Jivetalk and since then I’ve hardly added a thing. For anyone who knows me I have a very diverse music taste…

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Visual Inspiration Collection 03

Hey guys! I wish to apologise for the recent lack of updates, it’s been a pretty hectic month as I’ve had to move house and possibly even move down to the beautiful city of London so Style Division had to take a backseat for now. Don’t fret as I have lots of exciting articles ahead, I wish to write more…

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style visual inspiration blog

Visual Inspiration Collection 02

Well it didn’t take long for me to find more things to be inspired by and ‘Visual Inspiration Collection 02′ is up and running. A few of you have been asking what I use to find all these great images and the truth is I don’t really know where the next inspiration will come from. I tend to use the normal…

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ying yang green house style

Green Building Design Becomes a New Trend

Awhile back I read about how architects are increasingly trying to create green buildings by applying eco-friendly values and making use of resource-efficient construction methods and materials (Link). On taking a look at some of the newly built or renovated ‘green buildings’ I was overwhelmed not only  by the buildings positive effect on the environment, but how beautiful they were, and…

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Brianna Lantz style inspiration

Visual Inspiration Collection 01

Hi guys, something new I want to start posting on Style Division is this ‘Inspiration Collection’ series. I always get approached to blog about X or Y but usually only if I see something visually appealing do I have an urge to write about it. If you’re a blogger yourself you know how difficult it is to dedicate a considerable…

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style justin maller trashhand

Trashhand & Justin Maller – Facets Collaboration

Currently one of my favourite photographers is the Chicago based Trashhand who has made a name for himself with some really unique and timeless shots of the city. It’s been great to see his photography develop and grow from a small Instagram following to a collaborations like these. He was actually the guy behind the photos in this Coldsmoke 2013…

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