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Men's Fashion


Kanye West adidas Originals YEEZY Season 1 Lookbook

What a time to be alive. After the hype around Kanye West’s YEEZY Season 1 reached fever levels, some naughty rebel began leaking images of the collaboration online to everyone’s gratitude. For the uninitiated, YEEZY Season 1 is the Kanye West and Adidas’ Yeezy collaboration, which was shot by the super talented Jackie Nickerson. It offers an interesting and somewhat…

formal black tie style guide

A Guide to Black / White Tie Dress Codes for Men

Does an invite to a formal dress party make you panic? Deciphering dress codes is a daunting task and many men simply hate the idea. With categories like black tie, white tie, lounge and a handful of others it’s easy to see why. Sticking to the dress code can be an overwhelming and confusing experience so here is a small guide to make sure…

Men's Lifestyle

march 2015 ambient electronic playlist

Audio Inspiration Collection 03 (March 2015 Playlist)

March 2015 Soundcloud Playlist John Wick I love my films and there’s nothing better than having a movie being perfectly complemented by it’s soundtrack. Blade Runner, Danny Boyle’s Sunshine and The Social Network all have fantastic OSTs specifically composed for the film but this year John Wick was one that caught me by surprise. I’m not exaggerating when I say this action…

nicholas goodden london street urban hoxton

The Great Londoners by Nico Goodden – Free Exhibition at the New Hoxton Hotel

Have some spare time to kill this weekend? It’s your last chance to visit “The Great Londoners” exhibition, free, at the new Hoxton Hotel in Holborn as the show closes on Monday evening. The exhibition comprises of 19 black and white street photos by urban / street photographer and “Street Photography London” founder Nicholas Goodden, capturing Londoners in the glory of their…

face mask grooming for men clean oil

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks for Men

So, 2014 is behind us and after the usual under-whelming Christmas family fun and New Year parties it’s time to take a break. Everyone should take a break once in a while and your skin is no different, imagine how much ‘wear and tear’ you put it through everyday not mentioning the fact that everyday things like shaving can have a detrimental…

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